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2009-07-29 12:48:49 by AK-4710

its okay i dont need help anymore is cool


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2009-07-29 12:58:08

can u give more details? Do you mean problems leaving comments?


2009-07-29 12:59:08

Just leave.


2009-07-29 13:05:06

go away


2009-07-29 13:22:46

hey all im asking for is some help from people on newgrounds like blam points and things like that why is everyone being so mean


2009-07-29 13:30:35

and by tips i mean help with blam points and gaining levels and forums


2009-07-29 13:40:39

oh. what i do is go to the flash portal and vote on submissions that are under judgment (the purple ones). That way you level and get blam and protection points at the same time. Also you can get b/p points anytime you want without restrictions.

I reccommend reading the faq's so you dont get comments like this again.


2009-07-29 13:41:46

i need help too. come to my page.


2009-07-30 06:21:15

um one more thing jeanw. can you add friends, and do you know what it was that annoyed those guys?


2009-07-30 11:35:41

No you can't add friends, but you can add people to your contact page in your pm space.

A lot of people ge annoyed when people ask questions that supposedly everyone should know. Instead of helping they think that its better to leave a rude comment rather than just sharing information.


2009-07-30 14:44:36 again
and the reason im asking so many questions is cos im probably a little young to have an account and i cant say i understand too much about the site, but im not like a 7 year old or anything just a couple of years under the age limit but please no one
ban me!