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I thought it was going to be better...

I immideatly saw this and clicked to watch, but i was dissapointed to find all those flaws.
It was incredably short, and didnt have much point, it was a 30 second film with no plot whatsoever.
Another problem was the voices, you did a really good job of sounding like Family Guy, but when you did Peter, you shouldnt have done him shouting out, but did him laughing "Hehehehehehehehehehe"beacause that sounds more like a sheep, as well as it being funny, also, Quagmire should have been a woodpecker, i have no idea why he would be a koala, hes nothing like one, A woodpecker would sound like "Giggity Giggity Giggity", and speaking of him saying Giggity, you had him talking half-way through Giggity and then groaning.
Overall it needs a lot of things to work on. I give it three stars for good animation, Sounding like family guy and the Mr. Pewtershmitt sketch was pretty good.

AlmightyHans responds:

quagmire wasn't a woodpecker.

i love warhammer and i also love this flash!

i loved the choice of music as im a maiden fan, it was also great artwork, and animation, i can tell you put a lot of work into it.
and its great that we have a warhammer flash thats on the best of the week, this could get more players, but now im going off topic, but this is a great flash and i hope you make a sequel

an awesome flash...

i loved the expression on matts face on the line "and they saved dear matt still screaming like a lady" in other words it was brilliant

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Not bad,

Dont take this the wrong way, but i wasnt really impressed, no changing back ground, youre just mindlessly clicking at blocks, repetitive, but on the upside you got me at the end with the middle finger creeper and the still alive song, not bad but could really use some more enthusiasm.

Little-Rena responds:

Well nevermind.

3 weapons and thats it....

look the annoying m-bot keeps deleting my reviews so im gonna make this clear


very amusing...

that was very fun indeed

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that was one of the best songs ive ever heard even though there isnt lyrics

gOrc responds:

I would drop some lyrics by myself, but my 20-year-old-growl sounds too weak. I need somethin more fat and thicker. thanks for the review!

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This is an amazing drawing, i mean, look at the detail, you matched the Alien perfectly, and the Predator look's amazing too, the liquid coming from the alien's mouth though, it's undescribably realistic, but one improvement to make is that the Predator's bottom mouthpice look's too fat, but other than that one tiny improvement, it's freakin amazing!

I wish i could draw like that!

It's a great picture, full of detail, but i did notice that the leg looked a tad awkard, and the head was quite small, but other than that its a great picture, i adore the symbol on the shield and i love the left (His left) shoulderpad so i think you deserve a 9

magicswordz responds:

shield so more for parrying attack and small blows (or so i figure)
head, bulky armor, but you are probably right, it is a bit small
thanks for the review :D

conradb, would you leave this guy alone....

these are good pictures

hey, im ak-4710, i love playing guitar and warhammer 40k, go check out my art and see what you think, hopefully you like it!


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