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Another Alien picture

2010-04-30 11:23:41 by AK-4710

This ones a lot better, i made it in ms paint in about 40 minutes, its a lot better than the other one, maybe ill try predator in a little while...

Another Alien picture


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2010-05-01 06:36:03

Its a little scruffy, but i think i did well


2010-05-05 17:58:18

I posted this in the bbs and people said it was crap, and...uh...the thread got uh...i guess its...uh...crap.


2010-05-05 19:37:25

it only got locked because it looks like it was bad quality, really small, etc.


2010-05-22 11:29:17

i wouldnt call that an alien


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